Mark Turpin1

Mark Turpin

Süd Afrika

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Intrigued with people and what makes them tick


Before joining Kessels & Smit, I worked in management positions in various organisations in Southern Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Providing mentoring support to South African exiles eventually brought me home to South Africa in 1995. My work now focuses on making change happen – for individuals and organisations.


I am intrigued with people, and what makes them tick. Every day I am inspired by the energy and enthusiasm of people in South Africa who are focused on solving problems, creating new opportunities and seeing possibilities. A significant amount of my work involves coaching senior people in South Africa, Europe and the United States who are seeking to enlarge their impact in the world or to make important transitions in their lives.


At the WITS Business School I teach an MBA module in Contemporary Business Thinking and facilitate action-learning processes with the Leadership Development Centre. I also provide regular coaching for MBA students.


I work with various companies, NGOs and educational institutions to design learning systems and facilitate innovative learning strategies, while I also engage in research on social capital and knowledge management to find new ideas and support my own learning. I facilitate communities of practice with groups of people, and write an occasional blog on learning and social capital in South Africa at:


Mark has an MBA and an MSc in Public Policy and Management, and a Certificate in Leadership Coaching from the WITS Business School. He oversees a photographic bursary project with the Centre for the Study of AIDS and the Market Photo Workshop. Mark has twin sons – Joseph and Samuel - who are currently studying and involved in various creative projects.