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Joep Schuermans


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Innovation as a creative process


There are still many organizations where people think about learning in a classical way. Learning seems to be synonymous for teaching, exchange of knowledge in classes or groups, with the emphasis on expertise and specialization. There is not much attention for personal development and talent. Before I joined Kessels & Smit, I worked in such an organization, as the person responsible for education. My own thoughts on learning and development didn’t match that work context anymore. I didn’t feel possibilities to grow. Since I have Joined Kessels & Smit, there are lots of possibilities !

I like to make a difference by shaping the changes together with people, not top-down, as this rarely has the desired effect. As an external consultant, you have another role and position, which provides you with faster- and more influence. An internal consultant often bumps into power ratios, politics, slow processes and obstructive decision-making. As an external consultant you will encounter this as well, but in a different way. You step into an organization at a time when there is an urgent issue. After an extensive consultation and review you get the task to solve and change. This also asks for a commitment from management, developers and employees. The nice thing about external assignments is, that there is a beginning and an ending. That makes the work more effective and efficient.

I am looking forward to step into everything that has to do with innovation within organizations. Innovation must be seen as a creative and exciting development process. Discover unexpected possibilities, be a bit of an inventor…That is the way I like to contribute to products and services; designing, investigative, cooperating

For now, I like to focus more on product-design rather than to service design. I think the reason for this is, that I am a visual person. I like to draw, both concrete as schematic pictures. These might be concrete products but also business models, for instance. Visualizing helps to clarify concepts, to give it hands and feet, to anchor it.  

My main desire and incentive: to inspire people. This is possible in different situations, one on one of in a group. To inspire a large group and than feel the energy flow back…