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Creating the future 


Partnerships with social impact

In 2015 I joined Kessels & Smit, The Learning Company, as a consultant and a coach. Before I joined I have had several jobs as an interim-, project- and general manager for both commercial and development organizations. With a Master degree in both strategic business management and development studies, I am very interested in where the worlds of NGOs and business meet. There is so much potential to learn from each other. What if we install the sense of mission and social impact of NGOs at businesses? How can NGOs take on more business principles to become more effective? And how can we create powerful partnerships between NGOs and businesses to have a positive impact on society?

Around the world

International and cross-cultural projects have always had an appealing charm on me and therefore I’ve gained much of my experience abroad. I cherish beautiful memories from starting up a social business and primary school in Guatemala, doing consultancy work in the US and researching the role of the army in peace processes in the south of Thailand. You can count me in on any project across the globe.

Working with heart and purpose

At K&S, I enjoy holistic organizational change processes, which leverage the talents and passion of people. The importance of working from the heart and from a sense of purpose is slowly growing and this has the potential to grow both contentment and results. Conscious business approaches, which care about creating value for all internal and external stakeholders also have my interest. I am looking forward to contribute to these trends by developing the related (matching) vision for the future with teams and organizations. And subsequently, determine and make the steps to create that future.

Coaching for the future

Creating the future is also at the heart of my work as trainer and consciousness coach (ICF accredited). I love to get in touch with goal-oriented people or teams who wish to create change with commitment. I work on themes like performance, leadership, talent and authenticity. Coaching on a level of being, of who you are as a human, is core to my approach, because that is where real change starts. Behavior and reality then follow automatically and that is what creates the future.